Thank you for all those who came down to another Battersea Dogs Annual Reunion last Sunday….last year set the bar so high with brilliant sunshine and 10, 000 people in attendance, so this year we had to contend with moody skies and a bit of drizzle, but that didn’t deter the 8,000 of you who came along and made the day so much fun.

A big special thank you to out Celebrity guest judges from Holby City (I’m a huge fan, myself!): Rosie Marcel (Jac Naylor) and Guy Henry (Henrik Hanssen) who judged ‘Golden Oldie’ and ‘Dog they would most like to take home’. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments and tweets that I’ve received, it never ceases to amaze me just how crazy people are about dogs and the level of warmth I receive from total strangers who come from far and wide to attend this event and also not forgetting the wonderful dogs who appear in all shapes and sizes.


Well done to Lolly (pictured above) who won Best Battersea Dog and a particular “Thank you” to my perennial co-presenter and Battersea Dogs expert Natalie Kennedy and all the staff and Volunteers at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, they do a marvelous job, all year round and that cannot be stated enough!!

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