So, after eight years I bid a fond farewell to BBC Radio London, having worked with three amazing presenters: Jo Good, Simon Lederman and now my firm friend and radio Mum, Petrie Hosken, I feel eternally blessed and fortunate to have covered everything from General Elections and Brexit (from the start!) to also some horrendous events from Grenfell to the terrorist attacks at Westminster Bridge, London Bridge and Borough Market all within 3 months in 2016. Those years have really made me appreciate the medium of broadcasting and as one of the longest serving contributors, I am very proud to have honed my craft at the British Broadcasting Corporation while remaining absolutely true to myself and expressing myself in so many conversations with friends, colleagues and callers. Remember, you can hear so many of my past shows in the Audio section!)
Will I return? Never say never….

So, my great mate and radio legend Russ Kane (pictured: above right with me and Simon Lederman) launched a radio station in January 2018 (I met him through working at the Beeb), I had a one off show in January and I join the station fulltime in the autumn!!This is the only radio station made my men for men.

Men’s Radio Station looks, unflinchingly, at mental health, depression, physical health and well-being, fitness, relationships, work, – in fact, everything that affects men directly, but they are often too embarrassed to discuss openly.
This ground-breaking radio station offers practical and emotional support from qualified experts, on a wide variety of subjects. Its goal is to share knowledge, ideas and solutions across the spectrum of men’s physical and emotional well-being.
The suicide rate for men in the UK is frighteningly high. Men often suffer in silence, feel isolated and left to wonder where can they talk, seek advice or listen to topics which have a direct bearing to their life.
Through my wonderful links in the NHS, I will have access to all the specialists on required topics from male pattern-baldness, impotence, depression, prostate issues and everything in between. I’m going to try and cover as many topics as possible, if you have any requests let me know now ahead of September!!