I’m very pleased and excited to announce that I start as one of the Entertainment Correspondents for Arise News, delivering Entertainment News within the 30/60 minute bulletins. Arise News is a London-based world news channel and has studios in New York City, London, Johannesburg, and Lagos. The channel features African, US and European content. It is operated by Arise Broadcasting Ltd., which is owned by Nigerian media mogul Nduka Obaigbena (the ‘Nigerian Rupert Murdoch’).

So, apparently African’s like the Western world’s delivery of News, hence this channel does really well on the African continent….

You always think you’ll be se successful in your career in your own country but in yet another unpredictable twist, it would seem that from live from the studios in Chiswick Park in West London, I will be broadcasting to at least between 5-17 million people, which is bigger than broadcasting to an average audience in this country!! I start my first show on Monday 17th July 2017. The audience is bigger than you could imagine when you think that every African Country will be able to view this very popular News Channel. This is me, proper TV Presenter, using all my skills to an audience of millions from Mozambique to Egypt, Zimbabwe to South Africa, Nigeria to Congo. Am I nervous, no? Simply because I’m broadcasting to a new incalculable territory and  don’t actually know the audience and have never been to any of the countries concerned (apart from Egypt) but one thing I do know is that I’m going to absolutely love it and the skills and experienced I’ve learned so far in rehearsals and test days have already been invaluable. Unfortunately you can’t watch this channel on the Sky platform any longer in the UK, but you can watch online at www.arise.tv