I’m very proud to be hosting the Landscape Institute Awards on Thursday 22nd November 2018!!

These are very important awards presented each year to landscape professionals in recognition of outstanding work. The Awards celebrate the value of landscape practice in connecting people, place and nature by demonstrating excellence, innovation and creativity in the natural and built environment. To find out more about these awards, please click here:  https://www.landscapeinstitute.org/awards/

The Landscape Institute is the chartered body for the landscape profession. Its mission is to lead and inspire the profession to deliver for the benefit of people, place and nature, for today and for future generations. Its vision is to develop the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours of its members; to be agile, innovative and responsive in the face of environmental challenges and major social change; and to help its members and the communities they serve deliver more sustainable ways for living and working in the future.

The Awards showcase the exceptional work of the many different types of landscape professionals including landscape designers, managers, planners and researchers.

If you’ve never heard of the Landscape Institute, where have you been? Check out the website here: https://www.landscapeinstitute.org/

Many thanks to Adam White, the award-winning garden designer, landscape architect and newly appointed President of the Landscape Institute. He’s my mate and a damn good bloke. Thank you for this amazing opportunity…it’s going to be an amazing day to host!!