So after all the re-shuffling of Presenters at BBC London 94.9 and, for me, a 17 month break, I’m making a triumphant return to the country’s biggest regional BBC station!!!

The date: Friday 11th November 2016, each and every Friday through until Summer 2017!!! It’s going to be great. So, I’ll be reviewing the Newspapers with Simon Lederman, but this time early mornings instead of late nights as before. It’s an early one 4am – 5am. The format stays very much the same as before, but we’ll be getting calls from the REALLY early risers and the insomniacs calling in and providing their contributions to the show!

Of course, I don’t expect you to be listening at this admittedly really early time, but you’ll be able to catch the show the next morning (Saturdays) on BBC IPlayer. I will of course be reminding you of this regularly.

It’s going to be wonderful returning to the London airwaves. If I first started on BBC London in early 2011(!!), I’m sure I’ll find my way round New Broadcasting House (armed with a strong coffee) quite easily, it’s like riding a bike…you never forget!!