Four dead including a Police Officer and the terrorist in Westminster outrage.

At least 20 more injured as killer mows down pedestrians on bridge.

This is real. This happened in my city on my lunch-break on a route and a stretch of road that I run, walk, cycle and drive. This really hit me hard. I was a quarter of mile from this terrorist atrocity at 2.40pm on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 and came out of the blue even though we all expected that from (‘7/7’) 07.07.05, there would be a follow up…

Today was the day. I rang work at BBC Radio London and spoke to Eddie Nestor On Air on my phone, who had broken into regular programming to give continuing coverage. I also went in to Simon Lederman’s News Special show that evening to recap the day’s eye-witnessed events. I never really wanted to cover such an event/tragedy, but maybe this was my way of dealing with it. I don’t know. You can find both (short) conversations in the audio section.

Stay safe.


Ebs xx